The film depicts the point-of-view of a sad and lonely persona, who didn’t foresee the demise of an enduring relationship. Throughout the film, resurfaced memory gradually enlightens the individual that there were always signs that their connection would end.

2022, 5:25 min, digital, colour


The woman … Dija Šabić

Written, produced, directed by ErikKyleLončaR
Score by Dario Vištica

Director’s statement

The film shows that someone’s subjective worldview can be tainted with expectations and emotions so that one is completely ignorant of what is happening in reality.
What this film tries to achieve:
1) The film tries to show ‘cues’ or ‘signs’ that portray the gradual distancing of the partner in the relationship through several segments of the character’s memory.
2) Memory of the sad individual is presented with two windows throughout the film, to show on one side what is happening and on the other the abstract explanation or metaphor of how to interpret that moment that is happening.
3) Each segment of the memory happens in one season of the year. In spring, they fall in love, the summer portrays the calm before the storm, autumn shows signs of neglect and in winter, the partner is already disconnected.
4) The POV of the individual, going through streets, is meant to connect to the viewer’s POV, so they can feel the confusion and desperateness of the main character.