An experimental film about one girl’s perspective about reality. Details are really important to her. This is a caption of her creepy worldview and how she manages to cope with it.

2013, 6:29 min, digital H264, colour, silent

Full cast and credits

the girl….Bruna Lilić
the whore… Maruška Aras
the mother…Ivana
the father…Boris Mustać
the criminal….Mateo Grginović
the students….Zara Bajlo, Ena Jasa
the dancers… Maja Stipaničev, Matea Bradica, Iva Škoro, Danica Nenadić
the hands… Nora Perinović, Emili Kvas

Directed by ErikKyleLončaR, Zlata Granić
Screenplay by Zlata Granić
Director of Photography ErikKyleLončaR
Editor ErikKyleLončaR
Sound Dario Vistića
Producer Zlata Granić
Score by Dario Vištica