A man troubled by his memories has to testify against his colleagues, War-criminals. Dr Stein is his psychiatrist and his goal is to keep him sane enough for the trial. But the night before the trial seems longer than expected. This is the story about what happened during that night.

2012, 19,12 min, digital H264, b/w, colour, croatian

Full cast and credits

Max….Slaven Polić
Dr. Stein…..Ivan Srzentić
Medicinski brat…..Tomislav Levačić
Helga…..Iskra Eterović

Directed by Erik Kyle Lončar
Screenplay by Patrick Levačić
Director of Photography Erik Kyle Lončar
Editor Erik Kyle Lončar
Sound Nikica Hinić
Make Up Dijana Šabić
Producer Patrick Levačić
Special effects Slaven Polić

Sountrack by
Lucija Rucker
Ivica Ivković
Patrick Levačić
Darin Sysoev