A man confronted with the sadness of his daily life begins to comprehend that he has to change. The change is initiated by his outraged subconscious. Passing through turmoil and chaos that controlled their existence, he and his friends manage to break free.

2017, 9:58 min, digital, colour


The man…Ante Katić

Directed by ErikKyleLončaR
Screenplay by ErikKyleLončaR
Assistant director Ana Šurija Fundak
Director of Photography Tina Ljubenkov, Krešo Štulina
Edited by ErikKyleLončaR
Sound design Josip Mioč
Score by Dario Vištica

Director’s Statement

The idea behind the short film ‘The Bleed’ was to show the inner workings of the mind when someone is affected by a tragic reality. When the main character sees that all his friends are mere shells of the people he knew, his mind (the middle part of the film) subconsciously tries to find a resolution on how to help them. The mind is presented through the green colour to symbolize rebirth, nature and wisdom, but at the first glance, the visuals don’t match the audio, but the visuals are telling only one piece of the puzzle, so the audio is pushing the meaning to the visuals a little further. The title, ‘The Bleed’, was chosen because it explains how the mind is ‘bleeding’ in search of an answer to the problem. When audiences watch this short film, I hope that it somehow resonates with them although they won’t be able to understand the film, I hope that on some subconscious level the mood and atmosphere will be enough to translate what is going on inside the main character without seeing a linear story.