What is it about? About life. Each place carries its own weight. The whole past, present and future are visible in that one location. You just have to pay close attention.

2019, 2:00 min, digital, colour, silent

Written, produced, directed by ErikKyleLončaR, Ana Šurija Fundak
Score by Dario Vištica

WINNER Best International Short Film PAELLA FILM FESTIVAL 2022

Director’s statement

The idea behind the short film One space, two minutes, three times was to pick a random location and try to film artefacts connected to the past, present and to see if there are any suggestions on what the future might look like for this special location. To distinguish different times, a different tint was chosen. To recall the past, the footage needed to be tinted in brownish colours, to evoke the old west look, the present is tinted in less hopeful cold blue tones, because somehow everyone agrees that the present isn’t as great as it should be. The future looks bright, feels positive and is lit by the sunshine with the sky as blue as one can imagine. Although the film is shot in Croatia, the original title ‘Un Espace, Deux minute, Trois temps’ is chosen so the viewer can establish certain connections with the films of the French New Wave and especially with the work of Jean-Luc Godard, who played with various spatial times and perspectives. Also, it is deliberately chosen to have the title called ‘one, two, three,’ so it would hopefully engage the audience to search for the same elements in their chosen location because every space showcases its history and if one looks hard for it, one might even be able to see what the future will bring.