The theFILMitself magazine is an independent magazine printed in Croatia in Croatian language. Created in 2015., by Erik Lončar and Ivan Šarić, this magazine tries to focus solely on film analysis and film criticism. Besides essays and articles, the magazine publishes numerous film analysis interviews with Hollywood and independent directors, established actors, film crews, and well-known film critics as well.

Film analysis examines films as wholes, or totalities, and tries to explain how the various parts function. Usually analysis starts with a question—e.g., what generates suspense in this sequence? or how does the filmmaker suggest the characters’ psychological states? or why are certain pieces of story information omitted? The analyst tries to answer the question by looking for strategies of storytelling, patterns of style, and so on.’

David Bordwell

The magazine is also a platform for new emerging contributors who like to think that movies aren’t just an aid to fall asleep, but have many surprising themes and layers that need to be discovered. From underrated mainstream features to forgotten experimental short films, from 1895 to 2020s, this magazine has no limits on what to write about. The only guideline offered is that every writer has to open the eyes of their readers.

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