Erik Loncar by ErikKyleLoncaR


A font I created in the same style as my drawings. Sharp, twisted, with a purpose to say something. It seems alive, organic and it has a goal.



You have ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as answers to any question in the world. You have to have the backbone to support any of them, that’s why there is a spine drawn in-between two tunnels.

The left tunnel represents yes. It’s plain and it’s the first one you think of when someone asks you something.

The right one is representing no. It needs an effort to come to the answer no, because you have to think about the reason why you don’t want something. But on the right side way over in the back is another tunnel.

Why? Because the world isn’t just black and white, it has grey areas too. That is the getaway tunnel. The ‘maybe’ part of an answer.



Many people observe objects and take them for granted. A table, chair, car, tree, everything seems soulless. But since it was created on earth, It still holds a connection to it. No one is never really gone.

Objects may transform into another shape, but their essence stays the same. Objects may perish, but the essence survives. Not detectable by the naked eye, the air is filled with particles of the past.

That’s why stones, the most obvious dead entities on the planet, are actually alive. They feed off the water from the oceans, grow with the rays of the sun and they break off with each other at their own will.



Imagine a world that lives in harmony. Imagine nobody touched the nature of the existing place. Everything that happens, happened because the nature of that place needed the change to establish the harmony.

But like in reality, an egoistic organism wants to invade that harmonic place and use it for its egoistic ideas. That creates chaos inside that established harmony. The nature struggles to cope with the new organism and therefore creates a mutant that can live inside that world. Its an equivalent to the human race on earth.

The lower part of the picture is made of bones to establish the foundation.

The middle part is the evergrowing thick wooden tree that stands for the living nature and the harmony established in that world. It gives life to all creatures in that place.

And the upper part was once a big living mushroom that died because it couldn’t handle the new organism trying to invade. It died from the low temperature the wooden tree produced to keep everything in balance. But as you can see the invading organism has found a way to merge with the worlds genetic structure and a new mutated mushroom is growing back where the old one was.

And if you look closely on the lower right side of the painting is the new organism trying to establish his camp – the HUMAN. Notice that the responsible temperature drop that killed the old mushroom is coming from underneath the camp.

Alive technique


I’m a huge fan of H.R.Giger. Inspired by his works I choose to do something similar to bring out the connection of organic matter and technology melted with architecture. Its organic matter needs to cope with technology, but it isn’t going so well. This new mutant matter is protected by this organic wall to keep it safe. Like incubation, really.

The merger existed before, and it will exist after everything that was alive once, fades.



By thinking about one, who has already passed, somehow makes the person be alive. When not thinking about the person, the person stays dead, never to return. Thoughts are not abstract, they have immense power. They move the world, they invite emotions, build cities and they even bring back the dead.



Where do we go from here? Where is the entrance to your thoughts? I am eager to know more about you, to really understand you and your choices. How do you deliver your decisions? With every new insight, I am closer to the real you. A step by step approach will lead me to your original being. The ‘you’.

Can you invite me in? Or do I have to wait outside for a long time, even give up my search?

The stairs represent each information that is filled with intimate and honest details. After climbing up the stairs, the umbrella of neurons with give the proper cover, so whoever appears up there, will be protected and be taken care of.



Everyone needs a helper, a wise, compassionate friend, that is loyal above all, someone who doesn’t have the capacity to bring up a thought that would be against you, no, even the capacity to form a question, which could harm you in the long run.

That friend is a creature you created with all the things that represent you, but transferred to someone else. Someone else became ‘you’. It thinks, acts and wants the same things as you. It could be described as ‘love’, because is the most selfish act that exists, but it also can be called respectful ‘admirer’.



Everyone has a free will. Or at least, everyone thinks they have free will. The ones that don’t think that are prisoners for a long time. What keeps them prisoner?

The graveyards of unforgotten fights, suffering, abuse and unclosed events from their past. The mountain is the representation of everything you don’t have the will to destroy. Everything pilled up at once. Ex-girlfriends phone numbers, the connection to the first car you got, the prison you had to escape after being ratted out, discoveries about your secret longings and mysterious people you met once at some dark and forbidden party.

These are the things you don’t want to forget, you keep them with you, so you can grow as a person.